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Our new Provisional National Collective (PNC) for Italy





An important step to develop our movement in the hugely important battleground of Italy, is the establishment of a new national coordination body.

After a great effort made by many members in Italy to mobilise people for the elections of a new National Collective (NC) and the following interview phase, we did not meet the requirement of three candidates per position, as per the recent all-member vote regarding DiEM25's NC election process. We therefore went forward with the appointment of a Provisional National Collective (PNC) for Italy and now ask you to approve the list that was put together, as shown below.

In accordance with DiEM25's rules set by All Member Votes, the candidates below participated in short interviews "in order to ensure that candidates are indeed well-informed and understand both the movement’s ideals, procedures, policies and political positions, as well as the requirements in terms of time and availability." The interviews were "carried out on a rotating basis, always by four people: an elected and an appointed member of the CC, a randomly-selected member of the Validating Council and a member of an NC".

The following PNC list for Italy will be decided by you in this All Member Vote. As mentioned above, the list was put together in a coordinated effort by CC, NC and VC members who conducted the interviews with all election candidates. Additionally the suggestions from our organisers on the ground (19 DSCs responded) were taken into account and 5 candidates with the most suggestions from DSCs are included in the list.

Here is the list of 10 members the CC proposes to form the PNC:

Arianna Bianchi female (Link to member profile)

Niccolò Alessandro Gossi – male (Link to member profile)

Jadranka Vesel – female (Link to member profile)

Melita Canali – female (Link to member profile)

Ludovica Francesca Purini – female (Link to member profile)

Aldo Glielmo – male (Link to member profile)

Alessandra Fata – female (Link to member profile)

Stefania Romano – female (Link to member profile)

Pietro Tresmale (Link to member profile)

Antonella Trocino – female (Link to member profile)


Do you approve this Provisional National Collective for Italy?

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