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Hey everyone!

Last Thursday we had our first weekly gathering since our long pause and it was quite nice to see some familiar faces after a while. We had some beers (and some teas) and talked about a range of topics from the state of European politics to our personal involvement with DiEM and decided that we would like to keep meeting every Thursday in Volksbar to continue our tradition and re-build the ties that many of us had within our local chapter. We have discussed potential projects that we are thinking of undertaking as well as the ongoing challenge we have within our group regarding communication.

We all are probably aware of the challenge we have as a group about staying in contact with each other and moving on to the next step of establishing collective practices that are in line with our common political values. In the following meetings, we would like to focus more on discussing our communication channels, our group structure, and our larger connection with DiEM overall. Even if you will not be able to join on Thursday, please feel free to share with us any ideas or suggestions you may have and we will be happy to discuss potentially remotely.
Hope to see you all on Thursday!

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21/07/2022 @ 13:00 EST
Volksbar Berlin @ Berlin, Alemanha
MERA25 Berlin Contact


Volksbar Berlin

Rosa-Luxemburg-Straße 39, 10178