Demonstration against Far-Right Group "NRW awakens!"


The group "NRW awakens*" is mobilizing for a large demonstration on December 11 in downtown Essen. The police confirmed a corresponding registration under the motto "For peace, freedom and self-determination". The organizer expects 1000 participants, among them probably also followers of the "Essener Montagsspaziergänge" (Monday Walks), who advertise for participation. The police are preparing for a large-scale operation.

The anti-racist and anti-fascist alliance "Essen stellt sich quer" (ESSQ) is planning a counter-rally and expects around 200 supporters "who have something against disinformation, hatred and agitation in this city," as it says in an announcement.

As a left movement we also have a very clear place on the side of (ESSQ) against this right-wing radical gang that wants to march through our city. 
Come to Essen and support us so that we can show that DiEM25/MERA25 is here and strong!

If you have any questions write me an E-Mail.

* In several mobilization videos, the scene reveals its political positioning: relativization of neo-Nazism, hatred of the LSBITQ* community, secondary anti-Semitism, crude anti-Americanism, and demonization of individuals.


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11/12/2022 @ 08:00 EST
Kopstadtplatz @ Essen, Almanya
MERA25 Essen Contact
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Herkese açık etkinlik, 1000 katılımcıya kadar
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Take a train to Essen Hbf the main railway station of Essen and from there its a 10 minute walk.