DiEM25 Belgium will be present with a stand at the Manifiesta festival


Manifiesta is a big festival organised by the far-left wing party PTB-PVDA, where a space is open for associations, ONG, workers unions which may get a stand. So, the most diverse organisations from the associative world can make themselves known. Last time, around 100 such organisations were represented in the associations  village, the book fair and the international village.

There are concerts by well-known artists, a book-fair, a youth programme, debates and lectures, culinary stands as well as an exhibition and films.

The festival  atrtracts evey year  more or less 20.000 participants.

It will take place in Ostende, at the sea side.

DiEM25  has a nice stand : a tent in the associations village.


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  11/09/2021 @ 04:00 EST
- 12/09/2021 @ 13:00 EST
OOstende @ Oostende, Belgique
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En extérieur

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by train, car or bus ( Manifiesta organises bus service for free)