Transparency in Europe now!

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Transparency in Europe now!
Ik wil updates ontvangen over DiEM25's campagnes.

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>> Transparency in Europe now!

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To the EU institutions

To deny EU citizens their right to understand know how their government representatives conduct themselves on their behalf in key decisions, how they vote, the conflict of interests that arise, the proposals under discussion, the commitments made to corporations and non-European governments, is to deny Europe the very chance of democracy. We demand, effective immediately,


  • the live-streaming of the entire European Council, Eurogroup, ESM Board of Governors and Ecofin meetings, and the subsequent publication of official transcripts for all such meetings
  • a full set of minutes for each ECB Governing Council meeting to be published three weeks after the conclusion of each regular meeting, and complete transcripts of these meetings to be published within two years
  • an exhaustive list of all Brussels lobbyists and a register of every one of their meetings with elected or unelected EU officials
  • electronic publication of all negotiating documents for international trade agreements and full transparency at every stage of the negotiations.

The European Union is disintegrating due to terrible decisions reached under your cloak of secrecy. Lifting that cloak is now of critical importance for the EU’s future.

Lest we are misunderstood, we shall not settle for public relations tricks, cosmetic changes, or excuses. We demand full transparency at every stage of decision-making that shapes our Europe’s future.

Let light in!

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