DiEM25‘s official position on Israel-Palestine - Omröstning av DiEM25-medlemmar

DiEM25:s medlemmar har fattat ett gemensamt beslut i denna fråga. Bli medlem för att kunna rösta nästa gång!

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DiEM25‘s official position on Israel-Palestine

Option 1


Option 2


Option 3


After many, lively debates, the time has come for an all-member vote to decide on what DiEM25‘s official position should be: what should happen in the Middle East and what should Europe do in order to contribute to this desired outcome?

Option 1: Proposal by the CC

Option 2: Alternative proposal by 11 individual members

Option 3: DiEM25 should not, at least for now, take a position on Israel-Palestine

Please carefully review the provided texts. There is also a lengthy ongoing forum discussion and a recorded video debate between proponents of the different options.

How do you vote?

Omröstningen har avslutats

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