Suspend Free Trade with Brazil! (petitie)

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Suspend Free Trade with Brazil!
Ik wil updates ontvangen over DiEM25's campagnes.

Door te ondertekenen stem je er mee in dat we bovenstaande gegevens mogen opslaan voor het doel van deze petitie. Je zult geen nieuwsbrief ontvangen tenzij je die hebt aangevraagd. Voor meer informatie, lees ons Privacybeleid

>> Suspend Free Trade with Brazil!

To the EU Authorities

We demand that the European Union freezes the EU - Mercosur agreement immediately. Europe cannot enter into a partnership with countries which are acting against the future of humanity. The plans of President Bolsonaro show that we are not dealing with a sovereign country wrestling with a catastrophe caused by nature, but the determined execution of a man-made plan, with the support at the highest level of the Brazilian authorities. 
Brazil is not a reliable trade partner and its current leadership is a threat to the future of the planet. The newly elected European Parliament must exercise all its powers to defend our global natural commons. Inaction is not an option given the responsibilities they bear, and they must act immediately. 
DiEM gives the EU Authorities until August 28 to respond to this worldwide outcry and:
  • Issue a statement declaring that the EU - Mercosur trade agreement is suspended indefinitely, due to the crimes against climate perpetrated by the Brazilian authorities.
  • Urge the other Mercosur trade partners to take immediate steps to mitigate the climate tragedy the Amazon is facing. 
  • Schedule a hearing on Brazil in the next EU Plenary, inviting indigenous leaders and environmental experts to assess the damage to the Amazon, the mitigation strategies they need to implement and the ways EU citizens can collaborate to reverse them. 
In solidarity with the Brazilian people, especially the indigenous peoples whose home is burning: Europe must act without delay. 

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