Potrjevalni svet

Some decisions transcend the Coordinating Collective’s coordination role. As these decisions will often need to be validated quickly, it will not be possible to mobilise the entire DiEM25 membership to vote within a tight deadline. For this purpose, a Validating Council composed of 100 DiEM25 members selected by sortition from all members is instituted. To learn more about DiEM25’s Validating Council (VC), please visit the movement’s Organising Principles.

According to the new Organising Principles, any DiEM25 member with voting rights (i.e. verified identity, up-to-date membership fee) can be randomly picked for the Validating Council at any time. You do not need to apply anymore.

Naš Potrjevalni svet trenutno sestavljajo te osebe:

Natalie Agostinis Nemčija I am Natalie, 42 years old, from Nuremberg in Germany. I am a technical writer and mother-of-three. I believe that saving the eco system must not mean sacrifice for the many and business as usual for the few.
PAOLO ALDI Italija I am 67 years old and I live in the Italy. Visual artist and photographer. We are lonely women and men, unable to live in solitude, longing within ourselves for relationships but now incapable of having them. While nature is being destroyed, the right of everyone to have the necessary food, the right to personal dignity and fairness are also being denied on a daily basis. It is a world to be changed.
Luisa Alvares Švica Luísa Alvares, pharmaceutical scientist, member of the FREE (LIVRE) party, of the citizens' movement "Montemor-o-Vivo" , and DiEM25, currently considering patenting "pasteis de nata", a Portuguese traditional pastry, to raise funds for the health service.
Gabriel Andrés Molero Španija BA in Philosophy and currently studying CS. I stand for an autonomous Europe, a true European union that is capable to serve all peoples.
Fay Andrews-Hodgson Združeno kraljestvo I live in the UK, I work in Leadership and Organisational Development in the Civil Service as well as being a 3D art student. I'm interested in finding new ways of living, with each other and as part of our planet
Renata Avila Čile Use my council bio.
andrea battinelli Italija I have served as mathematical teacher in the university, i am now retired. Joined the Socialist youth when 14, in 1962, leftist groups in '68-'80. Volunteer in Banca Etica and Environmental Action groups. Internationalist.
Joshua Bergamin Avstrija I'm a philosopher at the University of Vienna. Italian-Australian, I've also lived in Scotland and Spain, and have worked in politics, the arts, and on farms and with my hands. I strongly believe in a Europe that's united in its diversity, that prizes local autonomy with deep co-operation, and that actively lives its values as a beacon for the world.
Eva Berglund Švedska
Linda Bjuvgard Švedska Free thinking, progressive woman with a heart ticking especially for the young in our world. The children and youth need their own voice in DIEM25.
Oscar Bonetti Italija
Alexandra Borsari Francija Nomadic writer, I live off grid and on the road since April 2017. I am longing for a EU more inclusive, diverse and tolerant. This is why I joined DIEM.
Diana Brauchle Nemčija My name is Diana. I am a graphic designer from southern Germany concerned about the state of Europe and the world. I want to change things together with other people so that we can all look forward to a democratic, just and livable green future. Carpe DiEM!
Hans Peter Bröckl Avstrija My name is Hans-Peter, I am 29 years old and an European Citizen with a mindset which is located between social democratic, communitarian and social liberal, embedded in a social market economy with state interventionist parameters.
Sebastian Büttner Nemčija Engineer by education, social entrepreneur by experience and environmentalist by heart. Living in Lübeck with family and working at the European Hanse Museum. I like thinking, singing, sailing and to play with my two grandchildren.
Mariela Carvalhal Portugalska Portuguese, grew up in Angola and Portugal, former university teacher and professional (communication, designer and advertising), proud mother and grandmother, with a special fondness for diversity, equality and human rights and all forms of freedom and justice.
Yorgos Chalkias Španija A circular economy professional with a deep interest in issues of social and economic fairness and equality.
Marcel Coderch Španija I am an engineer by training with a PhD from MIT, now retired. My main interest is in the democratization of monetary and credit systems, including Central Banking. I am active in the political arena of Catalonia.
Adam Cogan Južna Koreja I'm an anthropologist. Formerly interested in monkeys but now interested in realising a democratic, ecological post-capitalist future. Monkeys are still cool, though.
Claire Delstanche Belgija Old activist since the Vietnam war, I've never been member of any political party. Deeply chocked by the Greek crisis, I joined DiEM25 since the day it was launched, Feb. 9 2016.
Joanna Derdowska Češka republika I'm an academic in humanities (literature and culture studies at the University of Silesia in Katowice), work and live transnationally.
Lucio De Re Južna Afrika I am honoured to have been chosen, even if only by a random number generator. It will be the first responsible occupation in decades, I intend to give of my very best.
Susana de Sousa Portugalska My name is Susana and I am from Portugal. All my adult life i have been looking for a movement or political party that would deal with the issues that matter to me and DiEM filled that void.
Graham Dickson Združeno kraljestvo Hello, I live in Leith, Scotland and I am a musician. I also volunteer with a local community kitchen.
Alessandra Fata (Belluccio) Italija
Tiago Ferreira Švedska I am a portuguese musician based in sweden for the last ten years. Interested in political education
Marco Ferri Italija I live in Italy, where I grew up. Currently working for a non-profit organization.
Corinna Franchino Italija I am a 50 year old psychologist with a very strong interest in politics. I have been dealing with translations, writing and proofreading of texts, documents and videos of the main EU agencies since 2008.
Sarah Gall Francija A retired freelance copywriter turned artist. Born in West Africa, brought up in the UK, moved to France in 1997 when technology enabled remote working and in 2022 to Greece in fulfilment of a long-held dream. Actively working to expand my consciousness in readiness for the new world that is being birthed and in which DiEM25 is playing a vital role. I’m honoured to accept a term on the movement’s Validating Council.
Alison Geldart Španija I'm a writer/editor from the UK building a new life in Barcelona. My vision is of a democratic, postcapitalist, postcolonialist society that respects the rest of the living world too.
Kirsten Gibbs Združeno kraljestvo 63 year old micro business owner from Southeast London with a keen interest in responsible autonomy, self determination and fairness. Enabling these things for brilliant micro businesses so that they can scale sustainably and fairly.
Philippe Gissens Belgija
Jack Goldingham Newsom Francija Doctoral student in philosophy/political ecology at Université Paris VIII and entrepreneur from New Zealand but has for now made Europe his home.
Jan Gravestein Nizozemska My name is Jan Gravestein, I am 67 years old and I live in the Netherlands. I joined DiEM25 because I don't believe that the left will make much of a difference when restricted to the national level.
Rhys Hamilton Združeno kraljestvo I'm a 26 year old Economics student specialising socio-economics and business economics. I'm a full time support worker for autistic students at University and colleges around Scotland. I've been working with LGBTQIA+ Rights movements, the Autism and disability rights movements since I was a kid and I regard myself as a Market Socialist.
Susanne Hornig Nemčija would like to contribute to the work of DiEM25 to propel necessary social, ecological changes and political progress
Penny Jones Združeno kraljestvo I am a mother, a grandmother and an artist. I live on the island of Crete, thus an immigrant from the UK. I love the planet and want to save our environment. I believe in equality, transparency and integrity so I joined Diem25 as soon as it was constituted and since then also Progressive International and Μερα25. I am honoured to be part of the Validating Council and hope to contribute as wisely as possible.
Konstantina Katmada Grčija My name is Konstantina Katmada. I am a founding member of DiEM25 and MeRA25, currently based in London. Throughout the years, I have helped the movement in many roles and capacities, mainly in Greece- as a member of the DSC of Thessaloniki, Greece, as a member of the National Collective in Greece, in roles related to MeRa25 etc. I am glad to be able to help in this capacity, too.
Loukas Kemavor Grčija Hey, I am Loukas from Greece. I am currently working as a laboratory assistant and hope to become a teacher soon. I have a great interest in environmental and social issues. Through my daily job and my interaction with people, I am trying to share information and motivate people to learn regarding important issues. Having the luck to be chosen as a member of the Validating Council, I'll be able to do more of that, as I'll have more motivation to learn more myself and discussing with the rest of the council.
Mia Kokic Nemčija Computer scientist currently based in Berlin. Working on intersection of AI and robotics. Interested in disruptive technologies and their societal implications.
Georgios Konstantinidis Norveška
Yannis Kotronis Grčija I am an electrical engineer (AUTΗ 1980-1985), a co-founder of the www.polyodigos.gr. Humanist, an informed and responsible citizen, an enemy of corruption.
Ariane Kovacevic Belgija I always find this self-description thingy awkward. So here's what I came up with for my twitter account a long time ago. It still applies. Well, mostly, as life is made of chaos: 8 years a union rep. Unashamedly loyal to ideals. TINA? A lie &scam!
Florian Laber Nemčija Publisher on theatre and arts since 1982, up to date hippie, able to see and think clearly enough to cope with the requirements of the VC
Mark Langdon Združeno kraljestvo I am a DIEM25 member living in Glasgow Scotland. I work in the field of Community Education in an HE institution and have a range of activist roles including building a radical municipalism movement across Glasgow. I am keen to support and develop innovative approaches to developing radical democratic citizenship.
Jonathan Leighton Grčija I'm an author, ethics strategist and Executive Director of Organisation for the Prevention of Intense Suffering (OPIS). I advocate for ethical governance, based on truth and compassion, that aims to meet everyone's basic needs and prevent the suffering of all sentient beings. http://jonathanleighton.org/
BERAL MADRA Turčija I believe in the essentiality of DiEM25 Manifesto within the conflictual conditions of today2s democracy and capitalism.
Valerie Matarese Italija I'm a biologist working as a scientific editor/writer in Italy (and beyond). Originally from the US, I have Italian roots and now also Italian citizenship. I am new to political activity (and nervous!), but I wholeheartedly agree with DiEM's platform. Help me meet this new challenge!
Thilo Matzkeit Nemčija I like to strenghen the movement by participating in the validating council and it is an honour to me to be nominated.
Kathy Mcmahon Avstralija
Ozge Memisoglu Grčija I am an International Relations analyst and academic with PhD in Political and Social Science, currently based in Athens. I have worked for UNHCR, and local NGOs in different countries and have a primary interest is in Refugees & Migration Policies. I advocate for human rights, integration, social justice and democracy. I am fluent in English, Italian and Turkish, besides, doing well in French.
Helga Moss Norveška I am a Norwegian bureaucrat, specialized in development (globally, locally and in pubic organizations (mostly governmental)). I am also a team- and personal coach. I became a member of Diem25 in 2017 mainly because of reading stuff from Yanis Varoufakis. Most (all?) leftists in Norway are against becoming a member of the EU. So I accept joining here with huge load of cognitive dissonance;-) Love Europe though, as a traveler of Europe and as a child of Voltaire and Marx. If not to speak DeBeauvoir. Viva Diem25 with a ingenious proposal on the Ukraine war. Makes me proud.
Gea Mulder Portugalska Dear Diem25 people, My name is Gea Mulder. Originally I come from Holland, but have been living in Portugal for 20 years now. I am 63 years old. I support DIEM25 because it is the political movement that really wants to make changes where money gets a different, less important position. As an administrator I have been working in a Southafrican political refugee camp in the '80s, at the university in Holland in the '90s and running a campsite with my husband in Portugal the last 20 years. I want the world not only to move the focus from money to nature, but continue this path to synergy with nature in which every person takes his responsibility and is learnt how to do that.
Andreas Müller Nemčija Ecologist and consentious objector, interested in real world economics instead of mainstream fantasies
Roald Neuteboom Nizozemska Hello, I am Roald, an engaged citizen trying to make the the world a better happier place. As soon as I heard what DiEM25 was about I knew that I align with its values and goals. I hope you will all join me in this mission. Carpe DiEM!
Grigoris Nitas Grčija Grigoris is a Mechanical & Aeronautical Engineer, actively involved in entrepreneurial, environmental, and social issues in Greece, always with an interest in the philosophical perspective of things. In his free time, he is into improvisation theater, sports, and reading.
Ana Pereira Portugalska
Viktorija Petrena Slovenija I'm an economist, working for an IT firm which provides a financial SW. I can see in real time what kind of money is moved around the globe only to make more of it but not doing any good for the masses or the environment, so I'd like to do something for the greater good.
Jakov Petrina Trnski Hrvaška It will be an honour to volunteer, as a manifestation of my desire for political commitment. I am currently in my 20s living on the coast of Dalmatia. I have an M.Sc. in electrical engineering, though my primary work is in software engineering.
Thomas Psaltou Nemčija I was born in Greece and grew up in Germany. Early in my youth I had to learn what exclusion and racism means for someone who grows up as a migrant in a country that is not his home country. With this knowledge in my heart I grew up and searched for recognition. I found it in wonderful people in Germany who stand against racism and exclusion. And since then DiEM 25 has been a whole movement. It will be a pleasure for me to be part of it. Übersetzt mit DeepL https://www.deepl.com/app/?utm_medium=android-share
Nigel Randsley Portugalska Researcher, Cultural Activist, Cultural Events Programmer, Photographer, Film Director, Political Activist
Jacob Readman Združeno kraljestvo 23 year old. I have an undergraduate degree in Philosophy, Politics and Economics and recently completed a master's degree in International Relations. I have experience working in a Human rights consultancy, where I worked with people from all over the world. My aim is to transform the system that we live in to one that is equitable and fair for everyone.
João Ricardo Rebuge Pereira Portugalska
Roberta Rezzara Italija
Manuel Ricardo Portugalska Born in 1940 in Portugal on the border of Spanish Extremadura, also citizen of Canada and France and fluent in English, French, & Italian, conversant in Esperanto, German & Greek, Architect who trusts education for a novel society.
Mart Roerdink Nizozemska Dutch bachelor student in Philosophy and Econometrics.
Laura Schiavetta Francija Physiotherapist and multi-curious woman, I strongly believe our european and global way of life must be think over deeply, happy to help DiEM25 to function properly and to continue to ask the fundamental questions and give thorough answers.
Mark Haskell Smith Združene države I'm a writer and progressive living in Los Angeles.
João Soeiro Portugalska I am Portuguese, 74 years old, retired Captain of the Portuguese Navy. To fight dictatorship I organized with other fellow military the movement that lead to the Revolution of April 1974 in Portugal. I don't want to lose democracy again and I don’t want the EU to be a pawn in the superpowers game !
Thomas Staudt Nemčija Mathematician and physicist by training with a PhD in mathematical statistics. Never been in any kind of political organization or even activist role before, but very interested in "radical" progressive politics. Love Diem because it is not complacent about the pathologies that our political system declares to be normal and without alternative.
Boris Stemberger Slovenija
Susie Stone Nova Zelandija Consultant based in Auckland, New Zealand.
Irena Sumi Slovenija I served as a member of the VC for three consecutive terms. I am an anthropologist and a person who cannot wait for the day when we finally leave the 19th and the 20th century ways of thinking and doing things behind.
Asli Telli Aydemir Turčija Exiled researcher of media and social informatics in Germany and dweller of new ideas in ignored third-spaces. Looks into turning theory into practice through critical action. Works with decentralized autonomous organizations and grassroots collectives with an open, free-liberated (FLOSS) interface and mind. Believes in solidarity of south-south collaboration.
Silvia Terribili Nizozemska I am based in the Netherlands, Italian and Dutch nationality, I am translator, teacher, actor, radio maker and activist in the defense of the global environment on earth and in space. I am against all kind of wars and military expenses
Nikos Tiriakidis Nemčija Ich bin ein lebenserfahrener, philosophischer und offener Mensch, der Europa liebt, und Menschen aller Kulturen von Grund auf ohne Vorurteile begegnen kann. Flexibilität im Geiste und Bewegung sind meine wichtigsten politischen Beweggründe.
Franz Trützschler Nemčija I long for a Europe of unity and shared prosperity.
Mihai Tudose Romunija
Marios Vlachos Grčija I was born and raised in Thessaloniki, Greece. I live and work in Kavala, Greece, at the IT Department of the International Hellenic University (IHU). I studied at the University of Macedonia, Thessaloniki, Greece: "Applied Informatics" (BSc) and at the Hellenic Open University, Greece: "Acoustic Design and Digital Sound" (MA).
Andreja Vujicic Zagar Švica Biologist working on clinical research in a public hospital in Switzerland. Used to live in Croatia, Italy, France and The Netherlands. Fully shares DiEM25 values and wants to contribute in building of a better Europe and the world for all.
Miodrag Vujkovic Črna gora A programmer hidden in the economist body, sometimes a project manager. Interested in making the world a better place for everybody.
Cleona Wallace Italija I am a UK citizen who has lived in Italy for most of the last 21 years. I am currently based in rural Umbria where I live with my husband and two children. I work as an elearning designer at UN Food and Agriculture Organization and am passionate about the need for local, agroecological food systems. I recently completed a permaculture design certificate, and am studying for a masters degree in Sustainable Food and Natural Resources through CAT in Wales, UK. Previous to my current work, I have spent periods working in knowledge management, workshop facilitation, web communication, urban design, and as a tour guide in Rome.
Ellen Weissbuch Španija Raised in California, I have lived more than half my life in Europe. The last 20 years have been spent on the Catalan coast just south of Barcelona. My background is in education, ceramic arts and healing. I joined DIEM25 because I believe our progressive ideas/values are the best way to move forward. I’m pleased to be chosen for the Validating Council.
Zack Young Združeno kraljestvo Coach & Therapist in Private Practice https://www.zack-young.com/about
Nadja Zeleznik Slovenija
Mateja Zupancic Slovenija An international development professional - and yet - still an optimist!:)
Jakob Zwirnmann Avstrija Industrial Engineer, currently studying Socio Ecological Economics and Policy in Vienna, believes in a united Europe that has to overcome capitalism for a safe and just future
Αρης Γερακοπουλος Grčija
ΑΙΚΑΤΕΡΙΝΗ ΓΛΕΖΟΥ Grčija Dr. Katerina D. Glezou, 60 years old, retired secondary school teacher (philologist) Master in Philosophy, King's College London PhD in Philosophy, School of Philosophy, University of Athens Motto: "Philosophy explains the world. But the point is to change it." Carl Marx
Λάζαρος Ιωαννίδης Grčija Electrical Engineer living and working between Greece and Germany
ΚΑΤΙΑ ΙΩΑΝΝΟΥ Ciper Retired. Has been working in the private sector as export director.
Ελισάβετ Λογοθέτη Grčija propagator and 'doer' re green transition principles / XX virgin olive oil producer at the foothills of the Hymettus mountain in Attica / biocyclical agriculture / EU Labelling Health Claim 432/2012
Μαρία Ντάβαρη Grčija
Δέσποινα Παθιάκη Grčija
Μαρία Σόφτση Grčija Ed-Member of Central Committee of MeRA25, ex-member of political secretariat ,Greece from October 2020 till May 2022.
Χρήστος Χουλιάρας Grčija I am 52 y.o. , chemical engineer and working fo a better world.