Policy work

Hi! You can read more about how DiEM25 develops policies here. Close

DiEM25's policies are developed in a participatory process and then submitted to an all-member vote.

The process for our major policy papers looks like this:

You will be notified by newsletter whenever new questionnaires and drafts are ready for your input.

Completed major policy papers: Green New Deal, Technological Sovereignty

Works in progress: Post-capitalism, Transparency, Refugees & Migration, European New Deal (Discussion), Labour, European Constitutional Assembly.

Feel free to read the drafts and leave your thoughts in the linked forums, or, if it's an issue you're really passionate about, create or join a thematic DSC in order to develop a significant contribution. Thematic DSCs and forum contributions can also lead to the creation of shorter policy texts on other topics (e.g. this statement on Kashmir), or to the creation of national/regional/municipal declinations of the bigger policy papers (e.g. our Greek Electoral Wing's electoral program).

First, review the work that has already been done, DiEM25 articles that have been published about it, draft papers and so on, then find several other interested DiEMers and co-write a few pages on a topic, and finally please contact volunteer@diem25.org in order to discuss how to involve the broader DiEM25 membership and get the DiEM25 stamp of approval.