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Provisional National Cooordination for Belgium

Collettivo Nazionale eletto di DiEM25 in Belgio

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Cross-Border Nature Walk – Belgium-The Netherlands

  Let’s meet with Belgian and Dutch DiEMers, get to know each other, exchange ideas, w...

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Gruppi locali in azione

En dépit des traités, les armes nucléaires demeurent

Depuis le 22 janvier, les armes nucléaires sont illégales selon le droit international. Sans action décisive, cela restera un acte symbolique.

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DiEM25 in Germany: Retrospection on an unusual year

For the German DiEM25 landscape, 2020 brought considerable change to our activist endeavours and electoral wing.

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“Free Assange!” protests are taking place every Monday in Brussels 

The 92nd protest in support of Julian Assange in Brussels took place on Monday 4 January and will continue until he is free!

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Help us stop a retail giant destroying our city

The El Corte Inglés mega-project threatens to put Porto’s small shopkeepers out of business, cause congestion and destroy a historical landmark.

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